Jewelry Care


Gold Filled pieces

Gold Filled pieces can last a lifetime when you take good care of it.

For cleaning your Gold Filled jewelry we recommend to use a little bit of warm water and a soft untreated cloth to dry and shine after. After that you can polish it gently with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Gold Plated pieces

Follow these easy ways to take care of your gold plated pieces & to keep your gold plated pieces beautiful.
- Avoid spraying perfumes directly on the gold plated jewelry. Put on your the jewelry piece after you have applied your perfume.

- It is best to take your jewelry off before shower, exercise and swimming in the ocean.

- Keep the jewelry away from water. Store them in a dry place such as a box, pouch or ziplock bag.

Sterling Silver pieces​

Sterling Silver jewelry will eventually discolor and look dull, this is normal and can be easily be cleaned.

You can clean your silver jewelry piece using a mild soap, warm water and a soft brush.

You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth. Do not use tissues or paper towels to clean the jewel, as they could scratch the silver.

Another tip is to wear your silver jewelry often, this helps to keep your pieces shiny.