About Us

Les Deux jewelry was created in 2017.

We are twin sisters living in the Netherlands.
We love jewelry, our obsession with sparkly things started when we were very little. ​
We were always looking for cool and unique jewelry but we could never exactly find what we were looking for.
So there started the idea to create our own jewelry pieces for ourselves and others to enjoy.

Our collection is all about quality, durability, and style.
Each piece is thoughtfully designed. We only work with high quality materials.
The most important things for us are that our jewelry is affordable, long-lasting and ethically made.

Our collection is slowly expanding. The pace at which this is growing is slower than at other brands.
This is because we only develop when we have new ideas that we absolutely love. We believe in quality, not quantity.

We hope you can find something that you love as much as we do...
Keep Shining!